Starting again: The letters I never sent

I just unearthed some letters (c. 2005) that I never sent to my ex-boyfriend. Here's what I noticed:

  1. I was more honest with myself back then. Definitely more creative. More raw. Less guarded. Sarcastic as ever just less self-conscious about it.
  2. Obviously I didn't give two shits about writing long letters (?!) and never sending them. The process of writing them seemed to matter more.
  3. Other things: 11 years later, I still struggle with the same goddamn things. (Now they are just more familiar I guess.)
  4. I still want a barn and an airstream.
  5. Music is still my drug of choice.
  6. Writing is still how I process my world.

Mostly I was delighted to find a little piece of my former self and feel like I should create some kind of time capsule for my future self. So I am starting to write again. Outloud. 

My Inner MonologueErin Moore