Practice adventure

Baltoro Glacier, Pakistan

Baltoro Glacier, Pakistan

It's not the rush of adrenaline that makes adventures addictive. Adventure is addictive because it’s the one thing that slows us down; helps us focus, and makes us realize that the world is so much bigger than our finite ability to see and understand and conquer it.

Adventure is a risky business that brings us outside of ourselves. Into something greater. Something more vast and always more infinite than most people will ever experience by staying inside the cocoon of safety they have created for themselves. For those who play it safe, the world is resolved - configured and sorted by the oftentimes faulty systems they have created. In that world, there is little mystery. Even less possibility. But in truth, the world is a big place filled with unknowable and unconquerable things.

So, we keep going.

Our curiosity is insatiable. Our limits are few. Big or small, adventurers seek what is greater than ourselves. Never quite finding what we are looking for, but always seeing it somewhere on the horizon, just beyond the discoverable… And that is what keeps us going. This is as inspiring as it is infuriating, but we love it because it is the possibility of finding it that whets our appetites for the things just out of our reach.

The thrill of the hunt and the love of the journey keeps us putting one foot in front of the other. It keeps us moving. It keeps us improving. And keeps us searching for the people who will dare to come alongside us in our adventure. Share in it’s victories and defeats. Whether they are there for a moment or for a lifetime, these are the people that stick in the crevasses of your soul… somewhere just between the what-you-always-wanted and the what-you-never-thought-you-needed. They are the people that make your heart smile and your eyes twinkle. You love these people because you have shared something great. Something vast. Something brave. Something unknowable to anyone who isn’t, and who never will be, an adventurer. 

The world is an infinite, mysterious, ever-explorable place. Practice being out in it. Practice adventure.