Front Desk

Hotels have a problem: a guest's experience of the hotel once they arrive is usually impersonal, inconsistent, ineffective and out of touch with current technologies and behaviors. Bad experiences with service delivery can often times deter a potentially loyal guest from returning. Now more than ever, hotels are searching for ways to differentiate themselves in a highly competitive marketplace.

Front Desk is a simple messaging system that gives guests a personalized way to interact with hotel services from their mobile devices. This app focuses on areas that guests care about most: concierge information, housekeeping and room service, and entertainment options.

Because “Front Desk” is not tied to any of the participating hotels’ back end technology systems, guests are able to create a general profile of preferences that can be used at any hotel who is part of the “Front Desk Network.” A hotel that is part of this network would not only be able to differentiate itself, but also run a more lean and streamlined operation based on guest preferences.